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How to Use MyDipKit FAQ
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Remember to test MyDipKit with a few small items first!


I am having trouble with (any part of the process)

This isnít the right section for you to be in. Click on Troubleshooting FAQ at the top of the page.


What can I dip?

Basically any hard surface you can get the base coat to adhere to you can dip.


Is it hard to dip an object?

The process is straight forward; if you can follow instructions you can dip an object.


Are some parts harder to dip than others?

Yes, depending on the configuration of the part some can be more difficult than others. For 3 dimensional objects dip one half at a time. Tape off one side and dip the other. Rinse and wait a day to do the other half. Video coming soon!


Can I use my own base coat colors?

Yes, as long as it is a good automotive base coat you can use it for processing. See this video.


Can I use (fill in the blank) paint/primer?

If you have access to high quality automotive base paint feel free. Yet the supplies in the kit were designed specifically for the dipping process. Using off the shelf supplies can yield poor final results. See this video. (Same video as above)


What is the best way to prepare (fill in the blank) before priming?

For plastics scuff until the shine comes off. In general just scuff up the item uniformly across all parts of the item to be dipped. Some materials are softer than others. Donít leave any gouges in the part. If this happens you will have to sand down the item. The surface should be smooth after scuffing. Then wash the part with the scuff pad provided. Refer to the instructions that came with the kit for full details.


How do I paint / prime my object?

With several light coats. Wait for each coat to dry before moving on to the next coat. Make sure to get complete coverage. Remember, you must paint your item within 24 hours of applying the primer.


Do I have to use special water?

No any water from a clean supply is adequate.


Can I touch up small imperfections?

Yes, spray some activator into a small container. Use a small brush, dip into the activator then rub the brush onto a piece of the film. You can dilute some of the ink from the carrier and dap it onto the area you wish to touch up. After this procedure rinse the part under running water. See this video.


Where can I see examples of dipped items?

Click here to visit the MyDipKit FaceBook page. Go to their gallery to see what others have been creating.


How do I know which side of the film to put down in the water?

Spray a small amount of activator on a rag and rub on the corner of the film. Whichever side you see the image start to come off is the side that will be facing up. Also, you can leave a sliver of film outside of your taped border. Wet your fingers and touch both sides. The side that is sticky is the side that goes down into the water. See this video.


Iíve seen a product that seems similar from a website Ė camodipkit. What are the differences between MyDipKit and camodipkit?

This has been an area of confusion. Sometime people refer to MyDipKit as a camo dip kit. But if you go to a web site and the images of the product donít say MyDipKit, then it isnít. The person who manages the site for Camodipkit used to be a reseller for MyDipKit. Then an inferior product came out on the market and he started reselling it instead Ė a completely different system called Hydraphics. Iíve used it and it doesnít work. Itís a messy, broken product. Donít believe the hype about the ďnew and improved Pro GradeĒ version. The camo dip kit system comes with a homemade paint gun that needs to be cleaned out with laquer thinner after each step.

See this video.


How much film will I need for each part?

For a flat piece leave an inch of film around each side of the piece. For a 3-dimensional object (something with sides, corners, or curves) youíll need enough film to cover the entire surface area of the object plus an inch left over on each side. See this video.


Do I need to change the water after each dip?

Yes. Also wipe down the inside of the container in order to remove any activator.


How do I lay the film in the water?

Hold the film in a sling from opposite diagonal corners and slowly release the film. See this video.


How can I test the water temperature?

There is no need to buy fancy equipment. For under $10 you can buy a pool thermometer. That will work fine.


Do I really need to cut slits in the corners and sides of the film?

Yes! The film needs to flow! If you contain the film with a proper border the image will expand after spraying the activator, but will be contained and not distort. See this video.


What can I use as a dipping container?

Just about anything. Read the instructions befor deciding on what size. A container can be too big, but not too small. And you can always dip a small item in a large container by creating a border for the film using tape. See this video.


The container Iím using is larger than I need for some of my parts. I donít want to waste film or buy several containers. What should I do?

You can create an artificial border using tape. See this video. (Same video as above)


When, and how long should I rinse my part after dipping?

Wait 60 Ė 90 seconds after dipping to rinse. Rinse as long as necessary to remove the residue Ė otherwise your finished product will have an unattractive sticky sheen. See this video.


Iíve run out of paint, film, activator, etc. Do I have to buy another entire kit?

You can buy additional supplies at the MyDipKit website. However, if you have run out of film, then yes you will need to purchase a new MyDipKit. This is an opportunity to try out a new pattern.


Iím having a hard time getting a good grip on my item for dipping. What can I do?

Applying masking tape to the bottom of the item to create a handle can work wonders! Video coming soon.


Ok Iím sold already! How do I get started up with my own business doing this on a professional level??

I donít have a video for this. Iím not that motivated. But Iíve seen many people on the MyDipKit Facebook page transform from hobbyists into small business owners. There are so many ways to turn this into a money making venture. Apparently you can contact them to talk about getting high grade equipment. And when you get into business with them you get a huge discount on supplies (film, activator, paint, etc.). If youíre serious about getting into business contact them (not me) at


DO NOT use this email to ask questions about MyDipKit Ė they will be ignored. Iíve received a few emails from folks whoíve asked why not? Because that is not this personís job. I am a fan of the product (and have too much free time on my hands) so I created this web site to help other friends of MyDipKit. Nothing more and nothing less. I hope this site helps a few folks have more fun with the product. If youíre encountering any issues with the product click the link at the top of the page for Troubleshooting FAQís. Enjoy!


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