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Before jumping straight into the videos section
In order to best understand how to use this site
If you're having trouble using MyDipKit go to the Troubleshooting FAQ above:
In this section you will find a list of the most common symptoms to your issues and the solutions; with links to videos to address them
If you're curious about a specific step in the process or are looking for tips and tricks, go to the How to Use MyDipKit FAQ above:
In this section you will find detailed information on every step of the process, plus tips and techniques on how to make your project go smoothly; again with links to videos that demonstrate the steps and tips
If neither of the above applies to you and you're just wanting the watch the videos, then please feel free to go straight to the videos section:
As a fan of MyDipKit I've created a series of videos in order to provide the public with as much information as I can on how to get the most out of the product
If you're familiar with what MyDipKit is, click on the MyDipKit logo above for more information
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MyDipKit comes with detailed instructions in the packaging as well as a link to a video showing you how to use this product.  Use the official instructions and video as your guide.  I am a fan of the product and created the site only to add to the existing information.  I will not be held responsible if you take my advice and it doesn’t work for you.  Again: use the official instructions and videos.  Make sure to have a complete understanding of the entire process before beginning.